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Welcome to our service page!
Our team is on standby five days a week to answer all your questions.


Chat with team Talkshop
To serve you directly, we work with a chat function.
If someone from the team is available for the chat you will see the chat option immediately.


Leave a message

If the chat is currently busy, you can choose to send a message via the contact form on the right.
With orders made it is handy to mention your order number.
We try to answer all messages the same day!


Call with team Talkshop

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we ask you to ask your question via the contact form.
This gives us the opportunity to find out the situation.
Do you prefer that we call you back with an answer, then leave your number and we will talk to you soon!


General questions about delivery, possible returns and more

Below you can find our frequently asked questions.
Perhaps you can immediately find the answer in this way.



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