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What are the squishies? The popular squishy is a kind of stressball that is super soft. You can squeeze and play with it and because you are working on this, this reduces stress.

The squishies are the fad of 2018! You really have them in all colors, types and sizes! Young and old play with these new trendy items.

Different types of squishies

Ordinary squishy

The ordinary squishy is the squishy of soft foam. You can squeeze and squeeze the squishy and the squishy will return to its normal state. The squishies are really true in all kinds of different colors and sizes. From donuts to unicorns everything is there and most squishies also have a nice sweet smell.

Squishy mesh ball

The mesh ball is a squishy to squeeze and knead. The big difference with the regular squishy is that there is a net with water balls in the squishy mesh. There are also many holes present, so if you squish in the squishy the water balls come out and then they will go back inside. This gives a soothing effect.

The squishies mesh are also available in different figures and colors.

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