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Gadget & Toys

Gadget & Toys

Toy hypes and gadgets

Looking for a nice gift? What are the popular trends, hypes, fads and gadgets at the moment? Yes, trends come and go! Suddenly you see everyone walking with a certain toy and then they are nowhere to be seen. We all know it!

We at Talkshop have always been aware of a selection made of popular toys and gadgets. Below are some hot items!

Ztringz rainbow rope

With this fingertip you experience hours of fun. The nice thing about this (for the elderly among us) is that we used to play with it all! Then it was perhaps a simple rope or a piece of wool knotted together and you had your own rope where you could make the most fun string figures. Do you remember them? Cup and saucer, the Eiffel Tower, Jacobs Ladder and the parachute. There are many different figures to do with the rainbow rope.

The rope has now been given a new look and looks colorful and hip. The string is easy to take everywhere and you play along with your friends or alone.

Squishy mesh stress balls

What is a squishy mesh ball? Do you ever suffer from stress? These stress balls make you wonderfully calm again. In the beginning it is a bit strange ... a ball with a net with little balls in it. As soon as you squeeze in, you want more guaranteed! It feels strange all those little water balls, but still you want more. Hours of fun so play for young and old! The balls are in all sorts of different types and sizes. You even have balls with LED light.

Always pay attention to the squishies mesh balls. For the squishy it is advised not to use nails, but only to squeeze them. It is not intended for chewing and it is also strongly advised not to keep it near fire. Every Squishy is unique and it can therefore be slightly different from the photo.

Nut mini Smart bluetooth tracker

Have you always lost all your valuable devices? What is smart bluetooth tracker now? This fantastic compact device helps you to find all your bluetooth devices easily. You can connect up to 6 devices to this device and via the free Nut app you can find all your devices. The small device has a range of 50 meters and a battery life (CR2016) of about 3 months.

If you have lost your connected device outside a radius of 50 meters, other phones that have the utility mini app can help you search. Fortunately this happens anonymously and only you can see where your device is going. Do you want to know more? Take a look in the webshop!

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