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iPhone cases en iPad cases

Also a fan of the Apple brand? We at Talkshop have an extensive collection of iPhone cases such as the iPhone back cover or the business iPhone cover. For the iPad, there are all kinds of iPad covers such as the iPad back cover. Or enjoy complete protection with a nice iPad cover. With an iPhone sleeve or iPad cover, your precious device is optimally protected so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Also, avoid the well-known scratches by taking an iPhone screen protector! We offer both glass screen protectors and thin screen protectors.

Cases for iPhone and iPhone cases

Damage to your new iPhone can be better avoided by using a protective cover for your phone. Talkshop offers a wide range of iPhone cases. The insert pockets, wallet covers, leather covers (leather look) and silicone covers, for example. But what exactly is the difference between fully protected or partial?

Benefits with full protection such as with a bookcase / flip case/leather cover

  • These covers completely protect your phone (front and back)
  • These cases often have space for a pass
  • At Talkshop, these covers have a business look (mostly leather look)
  • Our covers all have a magnetic closure, so the cover closes well

Benefits with partial protection:

  • This is the least damaging to the appearance of your phone
    (for a black iPhone, for example, an ultra-thin black back cover or for a white iPhone just a case)
  • You have instant access to your phone since you do not have to open anything
  • Our iPhone back covers come with and without print, in soft and hard material and completely in a certain color or transparent!
  • With a glass screen protector or a thin screen protector, your screen is still protected against scratches and other damage

Cases for the iPad

Are you looking for an iPad cover? That is not only sensible because of protection, it is also possible functional if you want to set the iPad upright to watch your favorite series! For the iPad cover, there are also two types available: the iPad cover that completely surrounds the iPad and the iPad case which is only on the back of the iPad. With us, you will find a large selection of iPad covers. We have the standard iPad covers, iPad Pro covers, and iPad Mini covers.

The most popular iPad covers are the business cases that fully protect your iPad. We at Talkshop find it important that you can use the iPad properly. For example, almost all of our Colorfone iPad cases are designed with a built-in stand, so you can use the iPad cover to put the iPad upright. These iPad covers are often tilted, on their side so that the screen stands for movies, series and more. That is actually the greatest advantage in full protection.

Order your cheap iPhone case or iPad cover today. For example, find your iPhone 7 case or iPhone 7 plus case . Or view our newest and fun iPad covers iPad mini cases. Order before 17.00 (during the week) and your iPhone case or iPad cover will be delivered the next day. Moreover, we do not ask for shipping costs and you can enjoy a 14 day cooling off period. And at questions our team is happy to help you! 

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